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Botanical Art & Jewelry

Crafted using real pressed flowers, dried flowers and botanicals, our handmade botanical art captures the fleeting beauty of nature.


From Seed to Sale

Most of the flowers used in our botanical art pieces are grown in our garden, or sourced locally.  We responsibly gather botanicals on nature walks.  We also love to support other small family owned botanical businesses. Your botanical art is cared for by hand all the way from seed to sale!

Preserving Memories with Keepsakes

Nature invokes memories, especially flowers. A flower can remind you of a precious loved one, your wedding day, or a significant moment in your life just from looking at them.  From time to time, we open custom slots to create your own "confetti of memories."  With custom flower keepsakes, you can preserve these memories for decades to come.

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Meet Sheila

Sheila started creating botanical art as an expression of her faith and deep relationship with God. She is a mixed media artist and loves preserving nature and using it to create her own original designs.

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