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Custom Jewelry
& Keepsakes

Custom wedding bouquet necklace
Working with wedding flowers makes me so sentimental!  All the whites and the greenery....

Flowers carry some of our most precious memories and emotions. From bridal bouquets to memorial flowers and other special occasions, a flower tells a story and is a beautiful, natural way to remember loved ones and significant moments in your life. While the grass withers and the flower fades, pressed and dried botanicals can be captured in a brand new way to create custom flower keepsakes!


With funeral flower keepsakes to bridal flower necklaces and everything in between, our keepsake resin jewelry takes your pressed flowers from wedding bouquets or special occasion displays and preserves its beauty for decades to come.


Bouquets and flowers can be freshly dried or decades old—the possibilities are endless! Order one of our custom flower jewelry pieces here or contact us[link to email] for more information. Don't fret over how to send them to us—we'll send you detailed instructions for packing and shipping after you place your order!


Let us take your dried wedding bouquet flowers, memorial flowers, or special occasion flowers and turn them into memories that you can wear for a lifetime! Flowers can be freshly dried or they can be decades old. You can order here or you can contact us for more information. Once ordered, we will send you easy packing and shipping information.


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