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I'm so glad you have chosen to have a mushroom lantern made just for you!

Here's how this works.  Simply fill in the form below with all the required information.  Hit submit!  Once I receive the form, I will go over it and then contact you via email to discuss the options you chose.  I may suggest other options if needed. Then, once everything is final and you are settled on the design, I will send you a detailed invoice for payment.  Payment is due upon receipt and before I begin work on your custom lantern.  At this time, production time for customs is 8-10 weeks.   Customs are only open a few times a year and are only available to those who are subscribed to my newsletter.  Customs are on a first come/first serve basis.  If all custom slots are full, I will give you the option to move your request to the next available slot later on in the year.

Mushroom lanterns are approximately 3.75 inches tall and 3.25 inches across and come with a battery tea light. They are for indoor use only.  Please keep out of direct sunlight or a bright window.  Do not use a flame candle or tea light inside. 

Custom mushroom lanterns are $78 - shipping NOT included.  

Because of the custom nature of this piece, there are no refunds or returns. If you have an issue with your custom order, please get in touch with me within one week of receipt so we can resolve it quickly.

Now, let's get to the fun stuff!  

Here are the options you'll be filling in on the form below.

1) Color?  You can choose the color you would prefer your mushroom lantern base to be.  Example: if you love pink and want the base to be pink, just say pink! Please understand that there are many variations in color and I can only use the pigments that I have available.  Expect variations in the color you choose.  If I do not have the color you want, I will suggest other colors that I have that may work for you.  In addition to regular colors, I also can make the base in gold, silver, or bronze pigment.

2) Swirl or solid?  If you want some swirl in your base, just say so!  I usually swirl your chosen color with white, but I can also swirl up to 3 different colors.  You will need to specify those 3 colors and I will discuss with you whether or not those colors would swirl well.  If you just want a solid color, just say solid.

3) Glitter?  I can add gold or silver glitter in your base color.  I can also make the entire base with glitter (no base color).  

4) Color of flowers used in topper?  If you have specific colors of flowers you prefer, just let me know.  I will check my flowers and see if I have the color(s) you prefer.  Keep in mind, any flowers used will need to be small in order to fit inside the topper.  I may also use parts of flowers, such as petals only.

5) Specific flowers used in topper?  If you have a specific flower that you would like me to use in the topper, please say so (example: rosebud, forget-me-not, etc). Keep in mind, any flower used will need to be small in order to fit inside the topper.  I may also use parts of flowers, such as petals only.  I cannot guarantee that I have your specific flower, but please include your preference just in case I do!

6) Nature additions? In addition to the requested topper flowers/colors of flowers, I like to use different nature collections such as, but not limited to, pinecones, acorns, moss, and dried flowers that I feel compliment your chosen topper flowers (unless you specifically request that no other botanicals be used). If you like these natural elements, just let me know what you want added: pinecones? acorns? moss? dried flowers?

All of this will be discussed prior to the creation of your lantern.

So, let's talk!  Fill in the form below and hit "submit" and expect an email from me shortly!   Customs are so exciting and I can't wait to get started on yours!


Custom Mushroom Lantern Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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