One of a kind wearable art using your own flowers (dried) from your wedding bouquet, sentiment flowers, funeral flowers.    The dried flowers are hand processed using the elements of your bouquet to reflect a confetti of memories  Dried flowers can be days to decades old!


Chains are included and are 24 inches in length.  14K gold plating or sterling silver plating.   Choose round or teardrop.  Appox 1 inch. 


Images are for example purposes only.  Each design is custom-made for the wearer. 


Once ordered, we will contact you on drying instructions (if needed) and easy packing and shipping instructions. Flowers are not returned to you, but we will keep any left over flowers for 6 months after product shipment in the event you would like to place future orders.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or to discuss any add-on pieces that may be available. 



Custom Wedding Bouquet/Sentiment Pendant