Beautiful gem drop contains YOUR flowers!  Perfect for weddings, funerals, memorial flowers, any special flower you have that has already been dried.   I take the flower(s) you send and arrange them in many layers of clear resin. This piece is perfect for a feature flower and some greenery/filler/small flowers. 


Measures 5.5x4x2.5


 Although the resin I use is UV resistant, do not place in direct sunlight.  Some mirobubbles may be seen in the piece and that is normal and part of the process. 


Flowers need to be fully dried before shipping.  Flowers can be freshly dried or decades old.


To ship your flowers: once ordered, I will send easy packing and shipping info.  Please note that any leftover flowers will not be returned.  I keep them for 6 months in the event you want other custom pieces in the future. 

Custom Gem Drop - Wedding Bouquet, Memorial Flowers