One of a kind custom keepsakes is made from your own flowers (dried) from your wedding bouquet, sentiment flowers, funeral flowers. The dried flowers are either hand processed using the elements of your bouquet to reflect a confetti of memories, or whole petals or pressed flowers can be used. Dried flowers can be days to decades old! Flowers are preserved in layers of clear resin - shimmery resin can also be used.


Christmas ornaments come in 2 different thicknesses.  The thin one 2.5 inches in diameter and comes on a gray silk hanging ribbon that has a drop of approx 3 inches.  It is for pressed flowers or flower confetti.  The thick one is about 3.5 inches and is 1 inch thick and is for dried flower elements. Keychain is 2 inches in diameter and comes with a silver "forever" charm.


Images are for example purposes only. Each design is custom-made.


Once purchased, easy packing and shipping instructions of your flowers will be sent.

Custom Wedding Bouquet/Sentiment/Memorial Christmas Ornament or Keychain