Let us take your special occasion flowers and turn them into something beautiful that you can cherish for years to come.

Let's take a look at the process - shall we?


Reserve date & place order

The date you reserve is the date we expect your flowers to arrive. We do recommend that you reserve the date in advance.  Click here to save your date!


 Once your date is confirmed, you will be able to choose your pieces!  Click here to see all the options!

Once you've chosen your artwork, you will make a non-refundable deposit of 25% - this will go toward your final payment.  Your final payment will be due once flowers are received and before resin is poured. 


Mail us your flowers

Time to send us your flowers! We will send you careful instructions on how to tend to your flowers before shipping as well as how to package and ship them to us.  We recommend that the flowers arrive to us no more than 48 hours after your event so they are as fresh as possible before the preservation process begins.  The fresher, the better.


Creation & Delivery

Once we receive your beautiful flowers, we will carefully select the freshest & the best flowers and greenery to preserve. After they are preserved, we will design your order.  Then, we will layer your flowers in resin until they are completely covered & ready to be sent to you to be enjoyed for years to come!


Please note:  the process is time consuming and cannot be rushed. Because we love to put the most time and love we can into every order, the process can be up to 18 weeks (or sooner depending upon how many reservations we have at the time). Please be aware that some months are busier wedding months than others. 

We know that you are anxious to receive your forever flowers and relive those precious moments - but please be patient!  It will be worth the wait!